Chinese Students Apply to Cambridge

cambridgeStudents speak to Cambridge admissions officers


ver 200 Chinese high schoolers travelled to Shanghai on October 31st for a two-day test that could change their lives forever: the annual screening for the University of Cambridge. These students come from high schools all over China and were largely recruited by Ameson, which has a long-standing relationship with Cambridge.

The test consists of two parts: a face-to-face interview, for which eight professors and admissions officers came to Shanghai from England, and a written exam known as the TSA, the Thinking Skills Assessment. Results will be announced in early January.
Cambridge goes to great lengths to ensure a student body with exceptional thinking and reasoning skills, rather than a student body capable of great feats of memorization. To this end, they rely not only on standardized tests and high school grades, but also an in-depth interview in screening their applicants. For further quality assurance, the university partnered with Ameson ten years ago to design a document-verification system known as CEIMS to guarantee that all applicants are responsible for their own portfolios, which has been in place ever since.
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