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In addition to establishing strong relationships with elite Chinese high schools and world-leading universities, the Ameson Foundation uses its resources, both in China and abroad, to assist government officials in education and culture exchanges.

Through organizing and sponsoring education-related forums and study tours around the world, the Ameson Foundation has worked with governmental departments and officials from China, Europe and North America in order to promote educational development and improve Sino-foreign relations.

From bridging governmental departments with internationally renowned higher-education institutions, hosting symposiums and conferences with guest from around the world, to hosting government officials on tours to share opinions and gain knowledge and resources on higher education, the Ameson Foundation is committed to the dissemination of education and language exchanges with governments from around the world.


One way that the Ameson Foundation continues to connect members of governmental departments with education officials and institutions is through the many forums the Ameson Foundation has assisted in organizing and sponsoring over the last few years.

Since 2003, the Ameson Foundation has worked with governmental departments in cities all over China to host these forums and symposiums. Such opportunities serve as a way to bridge world-leading education experts with government officials in order to introduce Chinese education to the visiting experts and for Chinese officials to gain knowledge of international education.
Chinese departments that Ameson has worked with include the Beijing Ministry of Education, the Nanjing Municipal Education Department and education departments from Jiangsu Province, Shandong Province, Liaoning Province, Jilin Province and Anhui Province.

In 2009, the Ameson Foundation, in cooperation with the Chinese national Institute of Education and Scientific research, held a symposium titled "Sino-US Seminar on Diversity in High Schools" in Beijing. Ameson Organization also co-organized "Forum on the Reform and Development of Sino-American Secondary Education" with the Nanjing Bureau of Education. In addition, the “International Forum on Educational Leadership and Equality” were held in Jinan and Hangzhou, co-organized by the Ameson Foundation, Education Department of Shandong Province and the Education Bureau of Jinan, and the Zhejiang Society of Education of the Education Department of Zhejiang Province, respectively.

In 2008, the Ameson Foundation co-organized the "International Seminar of Practice and Theory of School Innovation" in the city of Jiaxing in Zhejiang Province. And in 2006, Ameson organized two important international seminars, the Jiangsu Vocational Education International Forum and the Nanjing Forum for International Elite Senior High School Principals.

The forums and symposiums the Ameson Foundation assists in coordinating are not limited to China. In 2010, the Ameson Foundation worked with the Harvard Graduate School of Education to help sponsor and organize the Interactive Seminar on High School and University Reform Initiatives in China and the United States. The seminar was a “two-way learning and dialogue” between the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) faculty, superintendents, principals, admission directors from leading US schools and universities, and 22 Chinese delegates who traveled to the US for this event.

In 2005 the Ameson Foundation, in cooperation with the Jiangsu Provincial Education Department, held the “Jiangsu-Ontario International Education Cooperation Forum.” The forum provided a platform for Chinese government officials to collaborate with members from Ontario's Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Education in order to benefit the modernization of the Chinese education system in Jiangsu. In March 2008 “Student evaluation – collaboration between leading Chinese High Schools and leading UK universities,” a symposium organized by the Ameson Foundation and Cambridge University was held at the University of Cambridge in England. Delegates from 12 top UK universities, National Inspector of Education and 14 principals from elite high schools of china participated in the seminars.

Not only does Ameson organize influential seminars and forums, but Ameson representatives have received invitations and have attended prominent events, including the World University Chancellor’s forum and the International Principals’ Forum.


The Ameson Foundation uses its international resources to promote education and culture exchange for government officials and departments by hosting visits in many different countries.

Through these visits and tours, government officials are able to meet with education experts from around the world on a much more personal and intimate level. In addition, these tours provide a way for exploring potential cooperation with local education institutions and government education department officials. In 2009, Sean Zhang, Deputy Chairman of the Ameson Foundation, accompanied a delegation of dignitaries from the Department of Education in Liaoning Province on an educational tour of Africa. A similar tour took place in 2006, when a delegation from the Liaoning Provincial Government visited Turkey, India and Egypt.

The Ameson Foundation’s coordination of such tours has resulted in many different collaborations with both Chinese governmental departments and international education institutions and international governments and Chinese schools. The tour delegation of the Education Bureau of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, that visited universities in Europe and the U.S. contributed to creating a solid basis for further education exchange and cooperation between Chinese and overseas universities. In addition, Ameson's organization of an education tour of northern Europe for officials from the Department of Education from Jiangsu Province also resulted in similar cooperations.
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