First joint training program for Chinese HS principals completed in Finland

The first joint training program for Chinese high school principals (co-organized by the Ameson Foundation and the Finnish National Board of Education) was successfully completed in Helsinki, Finland.

The program was supported by the Finnish National Board of Education, Finland's National Center for Professional Development in Education, and the University of Helsinki. During the session, high school principals and executive officials from five Chinese provinces took part. Overall, the training lasted from November 21st to December 2nd, 2005.

Other participants included Directors from Education Bureaus of various cities in Jiangsu province; education officials from Liaoning province; principals of elite public high schools in Liaoning Provinces. This program is believed to be of tremendous contribution to senior high school education transformation in China.

According to Ameson Foundation officials, the program is expected to continue in the year 2006, when an estimated 400 Principals and governmental officials will take part. The program was covered as a major news story in Finland, by YLE, one of Finland's largest national broadcasters.
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