Ameson Vice Chairman visits students in California

Prof. Zhang enjoying dinner with US-based Chinese studentsThe Ameson Foundation’s American High School (+AP) program provides Chinese students the means to pursue undergraduate degrees overseas, but Ameson’s work does not end once students gain admission to the institution of their dreams.

As one example of Ameson's extended support for Chinese students studying overseas, on November 20, 2011, Ameson Vice Chairman Professor Sean Zhang visited the Los Angeles, California area to check in with Ameson Foundation alumni attending universities in the region. Prof. Zhang and Barbara Burnett (Ameson Foundation Representative for the Los Angeles Area) first went to the university of Southern California to meet with a Chinese student who is an economics major at that prestigious southern California university.

Later, Professor Zhang traveled to the UCLA campus in Westwood, where he met with UCLA Director of Admissions Prof. Vu Tran and three UCLA students who previously graduated from the Ameson Foundation's American High School program.

The Ameson students all stated that they felt well prepared academically for the challenges they face in their respective universities in California, but that it has been a difficult adjustment to get used to the American culture.The group of students unanimously declared that they missed their families and the food in China, but that they were happy to be in the USA and felt that they were getting an excellent education.
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