Jinan teachers attend Ameson training seminar

Teacher trainers at the Opening Ceremony


rofessional summer training for teachers is a key aspect of Ameson's work. In the past few years, over 1200 high school teachers from Shandong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangsu Provinces have received Ameson Foundation training – typically in collaboration with provincial education ministries.

This year, the Ameson Foundation held an annual teachers' training seminar in collaboration with the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Education from from July 11 - 20 in Nanjing. There, 86 primary school teachers from Jinan convened for training sessions served by four western English teachers (from North America and the U.K.) and 5 education experts from across China.

Ongoing collaboration

The Jinan Municipal Bureau of Education has paired up with Ameson to conduct training on several occasions since 2004.

According to Ms. Zhang Yuhua of the Jinan Municipal Bureau of Education, “we’ve been working with Ameson for several years now, and we’ve seen real results in [the quality of] our teachers."
During this year's sessions, the native English speaking language teachers worked together with their Chinese peers to learn from one another’s experiences and collectively work out problems they have encountered in their teaching.

Ameson Foundation Chief Consultant Prof. Cao noted that “Ameson does not only focus on preparing students for education abroad, we also contribute to education more broadly through teacher development. In the past 8 years we have organized 13 summer training programs. This year's is the 9th we have done with Jinan. In total over 1200 teachers have been trained.”

During the opening ceremony of this year's event, Ameson's AHSP Principal Wang noted that like all professionals, teachers continue developing their skills throughout their careers. This is especially true for language teachers, whose jobs require an in-depth cultural understanding of the countries where their languages are spoken.

This is an opportunity for interaction... the methodology and cultural knowledge of the foreign teachers will be very valuable...

"Our exchanges are not only for the Jinan students but for the foreign teachers as well. This is an opportunity for interaction for teachers. The methodology and cultural knowledge of the foreign teachers will be very valuable for the teachers. We hope they will do better in their teaching after receiving this training.”

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