Ameson's Deputy Director Meets with Russian Minister of Education


n November 6th, 2015, the Deputy Director of the Ameson Foundation’s Washington, D.C. office, Mr. Zhu Xiao Di, had the chance to meet with Mr. H.E. Dmitry Livanov, Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, after Mr. Livanov delivered a lecture on reforming Russian higher education in a global market at the Wilson Center. During their meeting, Mr. Livanov gladly accepted a book from Mr. Zhu Xiao Di as a gift. The book was a collaborative work authored by Mr. Zhu and his sister, Dr. Zhu Xiaoman, who upon her election to the Russian Academy of Education in 2004 received the additional distinction of being on of the institution’s first foreign members. While leafing through the book with Mr. Zhu, Mr. Livanov was happily surprised to find that he recognized a good number of his own colleagues in several of the pictures inside. his speech, Minister Livanov discussed the efforts and progress in Russia's initiative to attract the world's brightest scholars and students to its institutes of higher learning. This comes at a time when many newly reorganized Russian universities are looking to fill their halls with the talent of tomorrow.

Mr. Livanov's brief meeting with Mr. Zhu Xiao Di here in Washington, D.C. embodies the exchange of ideas and cultures that the Ameson Foundation works to facilitate at its office in Washington, D.C. and through its sponsorship of academic exchanges, colloquia, and summit meetings between students, scholars, and staff from Russia, China, and the USA. 

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