Global People Magazine Profiles Ameson's Deputy Director, Mr. Zhu Xiao Di

globaljournal-4Director Zhu's profile photo in the Global People


n mid-December Global People selected Zhu Xiao Di, Deputy Director of the Ameson Foundation, for the distinct honor of appearing on its publication. Founded by People’s Daily, China’s foremost newspaper, Global People has gained a reputation for incisive stories and interviews with China’s movers and shakers. It is one of the most influential and authoritative journal on current affairs and has one of the the largest circulations in China.

globaljournal-2Mr. Zhu with Dr. TerrillAlthough Mr. Zhu’s eclectic career has allowed him to experience both the corporate office of a Fortune 500 firm as well as halls of MIT and Harvard. Global People chose to focus on what is perhaps his crowning achievement: his career as a bilingual author. Mr. Zhu has published several books and numerous articles, many of which were later translated into other world languages. His most notable works include Thirty Years in a Red House: A Memoir of Childhood and Youth in Communist China, Tales of Judge Dee, and four collections of literary essays written in Chinese. In the eyes of Ross Terrill, famous American writer about China and the author of Mao and other books, Mr. Zhu Xiao Di is "becoming one of China's leading essayists." Recently, Mr. Zhu also co-authored a couple of books with his sister, Zhu Xiaoman, a prominent education scholar in China.

The Ameson Foundation is proud to count Mr. Zhu Xiao Di among its ranks and feels his work to further the understanding of China in the United States exemplifies its mission of building bridges between the U.S. and China through education and cultural exchange.

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