Ameson Directors Attend Discussion with Professor Joseph Nye

2016.05.12nyeDeputy Director Zhu, Professor Nye, and Executive Director SmithAmeson Foundation's Executive Director, Mr. Stephen Smith, and Deputy Director, Mr. Zhu Xiao Di, were invited to attend ChinaPower Launch, a discussion with Professor Joseph S. Nye Jr. of Harvard University and Professor David Shambaugh of George Washington University on Wednesday, May 11th. The discussion was hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and moderated by the director of the center's China Power Project, Ms. Bonnie Glaser, a frequent guest speaker at Jiaozi Club events facilitated by Ameson.

The initial discussion between the two distinguished professors focused on how observers of China's vertiginous rise to power in the 21st century should go about unpacking the complexity of the rise and the evolving nature of the country's power. Of particular note was the speakers' emphasis on China's soft power.

After this, Ms. Glaser invited the audience to join the discussion. With over half a century of profound engagement with China Studies between them, both Executive Director Smith and Deputy Director Zhu posed penetrating questions to the professors and listened to their answers as well as valuable insights of other attendees.

During the reception that followed the event, Mr. Smith and Mr. Zhu had the chance for a brief vis-a-vis with Professor Nye. For Mr. Zhu and Professor Nye, this event was also a chance for a reunion after Mr. Zhu left Harvard University in 2012 to serve as Deputy Director at the Ameson Foundation. Mr. Zhu vividly remembers when he had just begun working at Harvard University in 1997 an encounter he had with Dean Nye in the professor’s office. Mr. Zhu had just published his first book, Thirty Years in a Red House: A Memoir of Childhood and Youth in Communist China, while Dean Nye had just published his first monograph on China. During the meeting they exchanged their recent publications on China.

It is exactly this sort of personal engagement with the most vital issues facing the world that embodies the mission of the Ameson Foundation. Ameson hopes that programs such as its upcoming Ameson Dialogues speaker series will give attendees the chance to have a similar engagement with the challenges that face us all as global citizens.

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