Sino-US Seminar on Diversity in High Schools

The Ameson Foundation, in cooperation with the Chinese national Institute of Education and Scientific research, held a symposium titled ‘Fostering High School Characteristics’ was held in Beijing on March 23-24, 2009.

Foreign participants included educational specialists from around the world, representing the American Association for Education Reform; the Bill & Miranda Gates Foundation; Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia, and many other notables.

Among the Chinese specialists in attendance was: Ms. Chen Xiaoya, the Deputy Minister of Education; Tao Xiping, the adviser to National School Inspector and Vice-Chairman of The Chinese Society of Education; Mr. Dai Jiagan, Director of the National Education Examinations Authority.

In addition, a number of eminent domestic and international high school principals were on hand to give speeches, share ideas, and explore approaches to foster innovation within elite Chinese high schools. Among planned projects further developed during the symposium were: a scheme to develop 100 ‘experimental’ high schools in China, which would be used to develop techniques that ultimately would get rolled out nationally; a more stable platform for exchange programs, between elite Chinese and American high schools.

The core purpose of the event was to explore methods to foster diversity in high schools. Roundtable discussions included: “Contents and Modules for Senior High School with Diversified Characteristics”, “Experiences and Practices for Senior High School-Running with Diversified Characteristics”, “Senior High School Characteristics and New Curriculum Design” and “Individual Instruction under the Circumstances of Classroom Teaching”.
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