Ameson's history


  • The Ameson Education & Cultural Exchange Foundation is founded in New York City, with the intention of establishing partnerships with leading universities, language institutions, higher education authorities, governmental organizations and NGOs around the world.


  • Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, honorary chairman of Ameson Foundation, attends events throughout eastern China to promote cultural exchange.
  • “Ameson China Education Tour” is organized to link Chinese high schools with leading international universities.
  • The University of Cambridge begins to work with Ameson to screen top-performing Chinese students for its undergraduate programs.
  • Ameson organizes the “Ameson Travel Scholarship Program” in Nanjing and Shanghai.
  • Ameson invites University of Cambridge, Stanford University, University of Oxford and McGill University to International Education Exhibitions in Liaoning and Jilin.
  • Ameson organizes a study trip to Canada and the US for members of the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education.
  • Bilingual high school classes are started in Nanjing and Shanghai.
  • Ameson collaborates with 12 overseas universities to create training bases for hundreds of Chinese English teachers.


  • The Ameson Scholastic Test (AST) makes its debut; 
  • “Ameson Chinese Culture Days” are held at 5 leading Irish and British universities; 
  • Ameson organizes study trips to Europe and America for Chinese governmental delegations; 
  • Ameson sponsors the “Chinese Basic Education Tour” organized by several education groups and government departments; 
  • The International Basic Education Symposium and other seminars are held in Wuxi, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Shanghai; 
  • Ameson signs an agreement with Cambridge to identify top Chinese students, initiating the Ameson Chinese Elite Identification System (ACEIS) program.


  • Secretary General of l'Organization Internationale de la Francophonie supports Ameson’s French language promotion.
  • A delegation from Paul Cézanne University and the French Consul visit Ameson’s Nanjing Office.
  • Ameson begins collaboration with Swedish universities for education training scheme.
  • Ameson offers Ameson-Leiden scholarships to Chinese students pursuing postgraduate education in Leiden University.
  • Queensland University and Stony Brook University work with Ameson to select talented high school students.
  • Ameson organizes Huzhou teachers’ training at Durham University.
  • A number of Chinese high schools sign agreements with Ameson and its overseas partners for joint curriculum and degree programs.


  • The Education Minister of China meets with Ameson’s Deputy Chairman.
  • Ameson’s education collaboration program receives support from the Irish Prime Minister.
  • The Ameson Foundation organizes the “Jiangsu-Ontario International Education Cooperation Forum” in Toronto, Canada.
  • The Ameson Foundation cooperates with the Finnish National Board of Education to hold a joint training program on curriculum reform for Chinese high school principals in Finland.


  • Ameson organizes the Liaoning Provincial Education Department’s visits to Turkey, India and Egypt.
  • The Forum for International Elite Senior High School Principals is held in Nanjing.
  • The Jiangsu International Forum for Vocational Education is held in Changzhou.


  • Ameson executive and Harvard University representative meets with Jiangsu Government Officials.
  • Indian and Canadian Elite Universities collaborate in China with the Ameson Foundation.
  • Officials from Bristol University and Bocconi University visit Ameson.
  • Taizhou High School, the Middle School Affiliated to Inner Mongolia Normal University join Ameson’s ACEIS program.
  • The first Ameson Chinese Elite (ACE) Program is held. 


  • A dialogue between leading UK universities and elite Chinese High Schools is held at Cambridge University.
  • Ameson adds two more top UK universities to join ACEIS - Warwick University and Bristol University.
  • Ameson assists selecting students to attend Harvard Summer School using the AST.
  • Ameson hosts and broadcasts a “Dialogue with World Leading Universities” live online in cooperation with the Yangtse Evening Post.
  • Ameson works with Queensland University of Technology for joint Master’s program.
  • CALF (Club of Ameson Leaders of the Future) project iscreated by Ameson alumni. The members of the club is made up of former students of the Ameson programs. They network and support each other from leading universities world-wide.


  • The Ameson Foundation donates books to the Los Angeles Public Library.
  • American education dignitaries join the Ameson China Education Research Tour to visit Hangzhou No. 2 Middle School and Shaoxing No. 1 Middle School, etc.
  • Various high schools in China participate in ACEIS program selection.
  • The ACEIS program continues to grow, now working with 15 of the world’s top 50 universities.
  • Ameson continues to expand in China with representative offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Xi’an, Suzhou, Qingdao, Hangzhou, Hefei and Ma’anshan, and almost 200 staff across China.
  • The American High School (+AP) Program is created, establishing a series of magnet high schools inside elite Chinese secondary schools.


  • Ameson and the China Zhi Gong Party donate 2,000 books to the Washington DC Public Library.
  • Ameson successfully co-organizes 3 major October conferences that bring together 25 overseas university officials and top-level figures in the Chinese educational system.
  • The fourth annual ACE program takes place in Hangzhou.
  • Ameson's Sino-American Youth Ambassadors (SAYA) program kicks off with a group of Chinese high school students spending a week at Belmont High School in Boston, Massachusetts. 
  • The STEP Mandarin program, a program to train teachers of Mandarin created with the support of the Ameson Foundation, begins at the Stanford School of Education.


  • Ameson supports the China Zhi Gong Party to call Ph. D graduates back to work in China. 
  • ACE includes American students from Harvard, MIT and top American high schools for the first time.
  • Ameson hosts a meeting with the Chinese Ministry of Education between Eastern and Western educators in Beijing to deepen the mutual understanding the two countries' education systems and philosophies.


  • Ameson re-opens its American headquarters in the Ronald Reagan Building, just blocks from the White House at 1300 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington DC.
  • SAYA students meet with the Vice-Presidents of America and China, Joe Biden and Xi Jinping in California.
  • Ameson hosts 21 professionals from top-tier western universities for information exchange with representatives from all sectors of the Chinese educational system.
  • ACE invites nearly 2 dozen American students, over 50% of which are Presidential Scholars, in its biggest year so far.
  • Ameson partners with HighScope to launch an international early childhood education curriculum.
  • Ameson hosts a delegation of principals of American independent schools.
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