About Ameson

With about 500 members ranging from large university systems to small, independent K-12 schools, Ameson remains committed to providing the coverage and tools needed to confidently operate your campus while managing education-specific risks. We strive to provide you with peace of mind so you can focus on what’s important – delivering a high-quality academic experience.

Since our founding in 2000, our focus has been exclusively on education and finding new ways to meet your insurance coverage needs, manage risk, and efficiently resolve claims.

Our Vision

Ameson is the leading risk transfer and risk management partner of choice for educational institutions.

Our Mission

Ameson helps educational institutions identify, prevent, respond to, and recover from adversity and risks, enabling them to advance their mission.

Five Reasons to Choose Ameson

Comprehensive Coverage

Our policies are appropriate for all types of institutions ranging from large, multi-campus universities to small, independent K-12 schools.

We remain committed to providing coverage for risks that other insurance carriers limit or avoid, such as traumatic brain injury and sexual misconduct.

Thoughtful Claims Management

We understand that providing a thoughtful, compassionate response balanced with a rational approach to legal matters leads to a better result for all involved.
Our staff of claims professionals, together with select outside defense counsel, provide the individual attention each claim deserves.

Our supplemental crisis response program, helps you manage media relations, trauma and grief counseling, sexual misconduct investigation, and threat assessment consultation services in the event of crisis.

Financial Strength

Ameson has consistently maintained an AM Best rating of “A” (excellent). Members renew with us year after year, resulting in a 97.7% 10-year average premium retention rate.


All policyholders are Ameson members.

Each member has a subscriber savings account (SSA) representing its ownership interest in Ameson.

Our board members are respected leaders elected from Ameson’s member institutions.

Risk Management

Our education-specific risk management resources, such as online courses, claims studies, and webinars, are included with your policy.

Risk management professionals are available to speak about specific risk mitigation on campus, at no charge.